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Aphrodite Honey

Aphrodite Raw Pine Honey 250g

Aphrodite Raw Pine Honey 250g

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APHRODITE's Raw Pine Honey is a unique Greek honey harvested from the Evia Island pine forests. Rich in pollen and antioxidants, it boasts anti-inflammatory properties and a naturally balanced sweetness. Its low sugar concentration makes it a healthier alternative to sugar, perfect for a low-calorie diet.


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The APHRODITE Raw Pine Honey is a popular variety for its rich, fresh and woody flavour with high sweetness and distinctive pine tones.

Aroma - Texture

The APHRODITE Raw Pine Honey has an amber colour and a woody, resinous aroma. It is expected to crystalise within 6-8 months when stored at room temperature. Simply, place the jar in warm water (max 50oC) and stir until melted.


The APHRODITE Raw Pine Honey pairs greatly with your snacks and toasted bread. It is also ideal for meat sauces and can be used to create a crispy crust on fish dishes. Try it with white and creamy cheeses too.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Value Per 100g / 3.5 oz

Energy 227kcal / 937kj , Carbohydrates 56.3 g, Sugars 48.1 g, Fat 0 g, Saturates 0 g, Protein 0.32 g, Vitamin C 2.40 mg, Potassium 0.33 mg, Salt 0.01g

Nutritional Value Per serving 20g / 0.7oz

Energy 45kcal / 187kj, Carbohydrates 11.3 g, Sugars 9.62 g, Fat 0 g, Saturates 0 g, Protein 0.06 g, Vitamin C 0.48 mg, Potassium 0.07 mg, Salt 0 g


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Customer Reviews

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Gueorgui Notchev
Best pine honey ever

Love it, thank you!

Exceeded my expectations

The honey bottle I purchased exceeded my expectations. Its rich golden color and aromatic sweetness made it a delightful addition to my meals.

Once you start, you can't stop!

Absolutely delicious. My tea doesn't want any other thing now! Good in coffee too :)